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this isn't some kind of metaphor

goddamn this is REAL

29 November
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you forgot bread.
adult swim, an albatross, an epic at best, archers of loaf, arrested development, athens, baritone guitar, batman, beck, bruce campbell, bucket, burma, candy, cartoon network, cat power, charles bukowski, cheerwine, cherry coke, cibo matto, cinemechanica, conan o'brien, converse, corduroy, coulier, csi, cuddling, cunnilingus, danny elfman, deerhoof, disband, eddie izzard, eels, elvis costello, failure, faith no more, faraquet, father ted, flcl, french, fugazi, gamecube, glasses, green day, handsome, hawaiian punch, heavy vegetable, hello sir records, helmet, heros severum, home movies, hunter s. thompson, iron hero, j. rawls, jaws, jelly bellys, johnny depp, journalism, joy, just these dudes, keyboards, kids in the hall, kurt vonnegut, lazycain, legos, long hot showers, manny, marble madness, mates of state, math rock, mclusky, medications, michael j. fox, mike patton, minus the bear, modest mouse, monster trucks, mr. bungle, mudhoney, muse, mystery science theater 3000, nerds ropes, neutral milk hotel, nirvana, noise, north of america, now it's overhead, off minor, oingo boingo, pinback, pirates, playgrounds, pretty girls make graves, primus, q and not u, reeses peanut butter cups, remixing, rushmore, samurai jack, scrambled eggs, seitan, self, shel silverstein, shellac, shudder to think, singing, six feet under, skeleton key, sleeping, soul coughing, sour patch kids, sweaters, swedish fish, sweet tea, t.s. eliot, target, tattoos, terry gilliam, tetris, thai of athens, that dog., the anchorite four, the blood brothers, the caledonia lounge, the cancer conspiracy, the coen brothers, the dismemberment plan, the faint, the grit, the onion, the owls, the pillows, the pixies, the princess bride, the red light sting, the secession movement, the simpsons, they might be giants, ties, tim burton, toadies, todzy, tofu, tom waits, twizzlers, video game music, we versus the shark, wesley willis, william goldman, willy wonka, wuog